Left Hand Golf Tip What Is The Proper Foot Work Sequence From Address To Full Finish

The feet during the swing are often an overlooked factor for most left handed golfers.
However, they are the only connection players have with the ground and therefore an invaluable source of power. If players don't use a proper foot sequence they could suffer not only from reduced power but inconsistent ball striking.

It can sometimes be hard to analyze how the worlds best players are using their feet because they stay glued to the floor until during the through swing. However, left handed golfers can follow this sequence to help achieve a better foot work sequence from address to full finish position.
1. At address, the left toe should be pointed straight forward to help reduce the hip turn during the back swing. The right toe, however, should be slightly splayed open, this will help the hips turn through the ball and deliver power.

2. At this address position the weight should be distributed evenly between the feet.

3. As the club is swung back, the weight distribution should remain even.

4. As the club reaches the top of the backswing, weight could have shifted slightly to the back foot, possibly by as much as 60% on the left foot. This, however, should be resisted as players want to keep the weight as central as possible.

5. As the player begins to turn through the ball, body weight will begin to transfer slightly on to the front foot. At impact, there should be 60% of the body weight on to the front foot.

6. To help achieve this, players should feel like they are pushing off the left foot through impact. If successful, the left heel will have risen slightly off the ground.

7. As the player continues to rotate through the ball, the right foot should stay planted and the left foot should continue to rise until all the body weight has shifted on to the front foot.

8. If the foot sequence is successful, the left handed golfer should find they have risen into a classic golf pose, facing the target, balanced on the back toe.

Players harness their power by drawing it up from the ground. It is important left handed golfers use a successful foot sequence from address to achieve the best possible results.