Left Hand Golf Tip Aim Your Body Left To Help Increase Your Back Swing Turn

Having a full shoulder turn during the back swing is very important as it allows left handed golfers to build up power.

However, many players struggle to achieve a full turn usually because of physical limitations such as a lack of flexibility. Although maintaining correct alignment is preferable, altering the set up to aim the body more to the left of the target can help increase shoulder turn.
During a full and flowing back swing, the shoulders should rotate away from the ball until the right shoulder sits directly underneath the chin and the middle of the back points down towards the target. By altering the body alignment so it points more towards the left of the target almost gives the shoulders a head start. This is because by aiming the body left of the target, the shoulders close. This effectively begins the rotation of the shoulders.
The Swing
After the alignment has been changed to aim left of the target, players should follow these steps to create a big back swing.
1. Take the club away long, low and slow. Keep the club traveling on a wide arc away from the ball. This wide arc should help build momentum during the back swing and create a wider turn.
2. As the club reaches parallel to the ground, begin to rotate the shoulder and body around the spine angle.
3. Turn as much as possible without losing too much flex in the knees. You want to coil the lower body against the upper body.
4. The shoulders will have completed their turn once the right shoulder sits underneath the chin.
Because of the changes to the alignment, the swing path will also change; the swing will work along a more inside path. This inside path should not only be present on the back swing but also the through swing. As the club travels through impact on an in-to-out path, if the club face remains square to that path the ball will fly a long way left of the target. This alignment and swing path will require a manipulation of the club face to ensure the ball flies straighter, most probably with a big draw.

Although left handed golfers should try to ensure their alignment is correct, closing the stance and body alignment can help increase back swing turn.