Left Hand Golf Tip How To Increase Your Distance With This Release Drill

There are many different aspects of the golfing technique which produce power; one of which is a powerful release.

The release of the golf club through impact is a combination of un-cocking (unhinging) the wrists during the down swing, squaring up the club face to the target line at impact and then rotating the club face during the through swing.
The first thing players need to accomplish is a full turn with the shoulders during the back swing and a full wrist hinge. This will be complete when the shoulders have rotated 90 degrees to the target and the angle created between the right arm and club shaft has also hit 90 degrees. From this position, left handed golfers can better power through the ball.
The initial move through the ball should be instigated with the hips which begin to rotate towards the target with the hands and arms dropping into position. A powerful release involves maintaining the 90 degree angle between the wrists and arms for as long as possible, but the main thing many left handed golfers struggle to achieve during the down swing is the rotation of the club face.
Left handed golfers looking to build a powerful release can use this drill and information to ensure big distances with all clubs.
Release Drill
1. Using a lofted club such as an 8 iron, take a normal stance and strong posture aiming at a target straight down the range.
2. Just before swinging, withdraw the left foot, moving it back about one foot. Allow the body to follow. This will cause you to aim 30-40 yards left of the target.
3. Because of the change in alignment to your target you will be forced to over release the club. This means the club face will rotate extremely quickly through the impact area. If hit successfully, left handed golfers should see a big draw moving left to right in the air towards the target.
4. A key indicator which shows if the club face has rotated successfully will be the rotation of the forearms. After impact the left forearm should rotate over the right.
Building in this powerful release will be easier to achieve initially with the shorter, higher lofted clubs. Left handed golfers should start using this drill with the short irons before progressing through the bag until they can practice the drill with the fairway woods and driver. After practicing this drill a number of times, players can begin to withdraw the left foot to a lesser extent.

Although hitting powerful shots requires a number of different swing factors working in unison, building a powerful release is key to achieving long, straight distances.