Left Hand Golf Tip How To Reduce Back Swing Sway To Help Boost Power

Swaying excessively on to the left foot during the back swing can reduce power.

Left handed golfers should try to reduce back swing sway to boost the amount of distance they can achieve. Swaying on to the left foot is a common fault with many amateur golfers because the momentum of the swing pulls them in that direction. As the club moves away from the body and the arms extend, the momentum is traveling away from the target. To keep central (the weight 50/50 on each foot during the back swing) is not easy but there are a number of drills and thoughts players can use.
Still Left Hip
One way to try and ensure you don’t sway on to the back foot during the swing is keep the left hip still. The easiest way to do this is to place an object in the way.
1. Take a normal set up but place an object such as a box or bag which is hip high just outside the left hip (about six inches) at address.
2. If you sway on to the back foot during the takeaway the left hip will bang into the object. Players can practice trying to complete a full shoulder turn without swaying into the box.
By not swaying away from the ball excessively, left handed golfers will not need to produce a large sway in the other direction; through the ball. Swaying back through the ball is predominantly a big lateral shift in weight on to the right foot and not a true turn. Keeping the weight more central during the back swing will allow left handed golfers to rotate the hips through the ball, boosting power and consistency.
From the top of the swing, the hips should begin to rotate around to the target. This movement is helped by not swaying during the back swing. As the hips turn, the body should have a slight lateral shift of weight on to the right leg which will help players strike through the ball and generate power with the driver; this is not a sway.
If the hips have turned and the weight has shifted slightly on to the front foot during the down swing, the swing can be completed by a full extension with the arms through impact.

Left handed golfers looking to generate power and consistency through impact should ensure there is not a large sway on to the left foot during the back swing.