Focus on Results Playing Par Three Holes

In this article on the mental side of playing par three golf holes, we want to talk a little about peer pressure. Whether you think about it or not, there is a significant amount of peer pressure in this game. This is especially true if you have a regular group of golfing buddies who you have been playing with for years. There is likely some kind of competition amongst your group, and you don’t want to be the player who is falling behind.

While competition is one of the fun things about playing golf, it can be counterproductive in some instances. This can be seen when you are trying to make a smart decision on a tough par three. If you are facing a hole where you know that laying up off the tee is the best option, it may be hard to make that decision when you are the only one in the group taking such an approach. If all of the other players are attempting to hit the green, you may feel pressure to do the same – even if you know it is a bad idea. You are going to need to be fully committed to the idea of playing smart golf to stick with your game plan when it goes against the grain.

The key here is to remember that your only goal is to shoot the lowest possible score for the round as a whole. It takes strategy along the way to get to achieve your best score, and sometimes those strategies are going to look a little unconventional. Ask yourself – would you rather fit in with the group by attempting a difficult shot, or would you rather have the lowest score at the end of the day? If you decide that shooting the best possible score is your priority, you won’t mind making the decisions that are in your best interest.

Par three holes can be tricky. Sometimes, you’ll come across an easy one with a friendly hole location, and you will be thinking about nothing other than making a birdie. In other cases, a three will seem like an impossible score, and you’ll be thrilled to get away with a bogey. By carefully thinking through your strategy on the tee, and by remaining patient, you can maximize your performance on par threes and keep your round on track. Good luck!