More Power Golf Drills: Upside-Down Club to Increase Speed

How can swinging a golf club upside-down increase your clubhead speed? By improving your timing and release.

Professionals and better amateur golfers achieve acceleration on the downswing, so that the clubhead reaches its maximum speed in the space just before impact and through the other side. Less-skilled players often release the club early, meaning their wrists unhinge well before reaching the ball, or too late, meaning they haven’t full uncocked the hands and rotated the forearms at impact.

Both moves are major power killers.

The following drill will teach you to accelerate the club into the ball without adding effort:

  • Turn your driver upside-down and grip the shaft, just below the clubhead.
  • Make a few swings, noting where the loudest “swoosh” occurs. If it’s in the impact zone, that’s great. Before the impact zone and you’re releasing too early. After impact and your release is late.
  • Continue swinging until you consistently make a loud swoosh through impact. You’ll realize it’s necessary to rotate the hips and shoulders on the downswing to produce the desired result.
  • Go a step further by pairing this drill with the two-club drill. First, make 10 swings with two clubs, then 10 with an upside-down club. The two-club drill will boost your strength and control, while the upside-down club drill improves your timing and release.