Never Putt Short Again A

    Newton’s little-known Fourth Law of Motion states, “A putt that does not reach the hole will not go into the hole.”

    OK, so Newton stopped at three laws. But if he were a golfer, he’d surely agree with the above proclamation.

    Leaving putts short is the bane of many an amateur’s existence. It’s especially galling when you fail to get the ball there from inside five feet. Think about it: When is the last time you saw a pro do that?

    An accelerating stroke is the key to hitting putts firmly enough – and making them. If you’re struggling to hammer home those knee-knockers, try this practice drill:

    • Drop a few balls 3-5 feet from the cup.
    • Place a club across your line about a foot from the hole.
    • Stroke the ball with enough force to get it over the club.

    The goal isn’t to make putts – the shaft will often knock them off-line – but to regain the feel of accelerating through the ball. Only with a fearless, aggressive approach can you overcome the immutable physics of Newton’s Fourth Law.