More Power Golf Drills: Two Clubs for Distance

Sometimes, hitting the ball farther is just a matter of swinging harder. True, this approach can cause problems, which is why it’s important to swing harder the correct way.

When trying to squeeze out extra distance, many golfers swing harder with only the arms. Unfortunately, this throws everything out of sync and causes a poorly struck shot that actually loses distance.

Instead, you must integrate the lower and upper body into your more forceful swing – especially the big muscles of the hips, torso and shoulders. Here’s a time-tested drill to use regularly, at home, on the range and on the course:

  • Take two sequential clubs, such as an 8- and 9-iron, wrap your hands around both grips and hold the shafts together.
  • Hover the clubheads above the ground. (Hitting the ground when swinging can damage the shafts.)
  • Make a series of 10 swings, starting with a half swing and gradually increasing the speed and length.
  • Do this continually, without stopping between swings, until you reach full length.
  • As you reach the top of the backswing, you’ll have to use some strength to keep the clubs from pulling your arms too far. Same thing on the follow-through.
  • Next, switch to swinging a single club. Notice how light if feels, and how easy it is to control. This is a sign that your big muscles are engaging.
  • Again, this is a terrific warmup drill before practice and play. It’s also good to use in the middle of a practice session – or just before hitting your driver – and mid-round as well.