Ball Above Feet – Compensations A

    The worst thing you can do when faced with an unlevel lie is to fight the ground. Let’s face it – gravity is undefeated.

    You know that when the ball is above your feet, it will likely start left and continue curving in that direction. While you should accept this fact and plan accordingly, you can minimize the effect with a few adjustments.

  • First, lean forward enough to center your weight in the middle of your feet. This will prevent you from rocking backward and hitting the ball off the toe.
  • Next, grip down on the shaft (the amount depends on the severity of the slope). This will move you closer to the ball and keep your swing relatively upright. An overly flat swing equals a big pull-hook.
  • Now, aim right of your target and plan for the ball to roll a good distance after landing. Again, the more severe the slope, the more you must compensate. The ball will shoot out low and drawing, hence the added run-out.
  • Finally, take a little off your swing. You’ll make better contact, for one, while allowing for the additional roll.
  • Survey the target area closely before playing your shot. You may have a good idea of how the ball will act, but no golf shot is entirely predictable.

    In these situations, the safest play is usually the best.