Drill 10 slice 1

You probably know that when hitting a ball that lies above the level of your feet, it will usually fly left with a draw or hook. That’s because your swing is extra-flat (horizontal) and shallow, paired with a more natural rolling of the forearms and hands as in a baseball swing.

Making practice swings against a slope is a good way to instill these characteristics into your regular swing – and a great way to fix a slice.

No need to hit a ball in this drill. In fact, you can try it during down-time in the course of a round:

Drill 10 slice 2

  • Find a decent-sized slope and place the clubhead on a spot around knee height.
  • Swing back and forth while trying to brush the turf on the spot.
  • Once you resume hitting shots, your swing should feel a little shallower, with the arms and hands releasing the club nicely through impact.

  • Remember, a flatter swing will wipe out your slice.