Drills To Hole More Golf Putts 1

    Holing more putts come from practicing better.

    It is very important when practicing to have an aim and a target for the practice session, otherwise a practice session can easily become pointless and non beneficial. This putting practice tip is designed to help you to make your practice much more game based with achievable goals to aim for.

    Many times you may see a golfer practicing their putting at the practice green without any structure, targets or aims to achieve. Structuring a practice session is vital so that you maximize the learning and skills from the practice session. Whether you are practicing your putting, chipping, irons, bunkers, driving or course practice, it must be structured, goal driven and fun. A good practice drill when putting is to set yourself a target based exercise that keeps it entertaining and goal driven.

    Tee peg drill – Place four tee peg stations in a circle around the hole, all at three feet away from the cup. Place a golf ball beside each tee peg. Start from one tee peg and work on holing each putt without missing. When you hole a putt, you can move around on to the next tee peg station and continue this until you hole all four shots. If you do miss the putt, you must set up all the golf balls again and start from the beginning. On the very last putt, you should feel a level of pressure, nerves and trepidation and this is why it is important to practice in this way. This is vital for when you get a putt out on the golf course. You will know how to control the pressure and your nerves better and will be able to capitalize on your experience. Once you have completed the task from three feet, move all the tee stations back to five feet and carry out the same exercise. If you complete the putts from five feet, then you can move it back to 10 feet, however give yourself plenty of time to complete this task from this difficult range.

    Top tip – Place 10 tee pegs, 360 degrees around the hole, at various different distances from three feet to 10 feet. Carry out the same task as before and see if you can hole all the putts around the hole.

    If you can complete this round, you are ready to hole some great pressure putts on the golf course.