Do you ever practice your golf swing at the office? While waiting for the train? In front of the bathroom mirror?

It’s OK to ’fess up – it’s just part of being a golfer.

Usually, we make these dry swings with no club, no ball and no real thought about our mechanics. But you can actually learn something in these moments. All you need is a credit card.

The rotation of the clubface in the first part of the backswing is critical. Get it wrong and you can wreck your swing right off the bat. When the club first reaches parallel to the ground (with the hands about hip-high), the ideal clubface position is parallel to your spine angle. This indicates an on-plane swing and square face.

If the club’s toe points in front of you, it’s in a closed position and will likely result in a hooked shot. If it points behind you, the clubface is open and may cause a slice. In either case, the right hand is often the culprit.

If the right hand under-rotates, the club stays closed. Too much rotation opens the face.

Here’s where the credit card comes in:

  • Place the card in your right palm, keeping it as flat as possible against the palm while holding it there.
  • Put your hands loosely together as though addressing the ball; it’s not necessary to lock the hands as with your golf grip.
  • Make a backswing and stop when the hands reach hip-height. The card, which mirrors the clubface, should be approximately parallel to your spine angle.
  • You can do without the card once you understand that the right palm matches the clubface. Any time you’ve got a little time on your hands (so to speak), try this little drill.

    If it helps your golf game, who cares if you attract a few stares?