Credit Card Next to Ball Helps Check Alignment, Golf Tip

One of golf’s most basic tasks is also one of its most crucial – and much easier to foul up than meets the eye.

Aligning the clubface to your target is essential to accuracy, of course, but also to making a good swing. If you consistently line up improperly, your body will compensate during the swing and create long-term problems.

(We interrupt this tip to plug the site’s sponsor, Thomas Golf, whose clubs feature a patented shot alignment indicator.)

Our old friend the credit card makes a great visual aid for practicing your clubface alignment. Here’s what you do:

  • On the driving range, place the card on the ground and line it up to point at your target (similar to a divot).
  • Place a ball about an inch inside the card so the back of the ball is even with the card’s back edge.
  • Take your address position and place the clubhead behind the card (not the ball), with the face perfectly square to the card’s edge.
  • Now, move the clubhead behind the ball, maintaining the face positioning.
  • Once you look up at the target, you may feel you’re aligned too far left or right. You’re not. This is a sure sign that you’ve been aligning the clubface incorrectly. You’ll need a bit of practice using the card drill to re-learn the sense of lining up properly – and to groove a swing that matches this line.

    Use this drill often to check your clubface aim, even if you don’t believe it’s an issue. You might be surprised to find yourself off by just a hair – and this is a problem you definitely want to catch early.