Caddy Golf Term


In golf, the term “caddy” refers to a person who assists a golfer during a round of golf by carrying their golf bag, providing advice and assistance, and helping with various tasks on the course. Caddies are typically knowledgeable about the course and can provide information on distances, course conditions, and strategy.

Caddies play an important role in professional golf tournaments and are often employed by professional golfers. They help golfers select the appropriate club for each shot, provide guidance on reading the greens, and offer general support throughout the round. Caddies also help with tasks such as cleaning clubs, raking bunkers, and keeping the golfer hydrated and focused.

In addition to professional golfers, amateur golfers may also hire caddies when playing at certain courses or during special events. Having a caddy can enhance the golfing experience by providing assistance and expert knowledge of the course.

Overall, a caddy serves as a valuable resource and partner to a golfer, assisting them in various ways to optimize their performance on the course.

Caddy – An assistant to the golfer that is in charge of carrying the players golf bag, fixing divots, reading greens, giving course management and club selection advise. Some country clubs provide free caddies for their members and guest but usually employed by the individual golfer.