come up out shot term

The phrase “come up and out of the shot” in golf is generally used to describe an undesirable swing characteristic where a golfer prematurely lifts the upper body or loses posture during the downswing and through impact. It refers to an incorrect movement that can lead to inconsistent ball striking and a loss of power and control.

Here are a few key points about the concept of “coming up and out of the shot” in golf:

  1. Definition: “Coming up” refers to the lifting of the upper body, particularly the head and torso, during the downswing and through impact. It is a common mistake where the golfer loses the proper spine angle and posture established at address.
  2. Loss of Power: When a golfer comes up and out of the shot, it often results in a loss of power and distance. The upward movement disrupts the proper transfer of energy from the body to the club, leading to weak contact and reduced ball speed.
  3. Inconsistent Ball Striking: Coming up and out of the shot can cause inconsistent ball striking, including topped shots, thin shots, or shots that miss the sweet spot on the clubface. The inconsistency arises from the changing club-to-ball contact due to the unstable body position during impact.
  4. Faulty Swing Plane: Lifting the upper body prematurely can also affect the swing plane. Instead of maintaining the proper swing path and staying on plane, the golfer's swing path becomes more vertical, leading to slices or pulls.
  5. Loss of Accuracy: Coming up and out of the shot can also result in a loss of accuracy. The instability in the swing can cause the clubface to be misaligned at impact, leading to shots that veer off-target.
  6. Corrections and Drills: To avoid coming up and out of the shot, golfers should focus on maintaining good posture and spine angle throughout the swing. Engaging the lower body and maintaining a stable lower body can help promote a more balanced and controlled swing. Practice drills that emphasize maintaining proper posture and making solid contact can be beneficial in correcting this swing fault.

Correcting the tendency to come up and out of the shot requires awareness, practice, and a focus on maintaining proper posture and stability throughout the swing. Working with a golf instructor can provide specific guidance and drills tailored to individual needs to help address this swing issue and improve overall swing consistency and performance.

Come (Up) Out of a Shot: For a right-handed golfer, raising of the left shoulder just before impact, typically causing a slice, thin or pushed shot.