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A “blocked shot” in golf can also refer to a specific type of shot that combines both a push and a slice, resulting in the ball starting right of the target and curving even farther to the right (for right-handed golfers). It is also known as a “flare” or a “push slice.”

A blocked shot occurs when the clubface is open (pointing to the right of the target) at impact while the swing path moves across the ball from outside to inside the target line. This combination of an open clubface and an out-to-in swing path produces side spin on the ball, causing it to start right and curve even farther to the right.

The key characteristics of a blocked shot (push slice) include:

  1. Ball Flight: The ball starts to the right of the target and continues to curve further right throughout its flight. It is a common shot shape for golfers who struggle with a slice.
  2. Open Clubface: The clubface is open (pointing to the right) relative to the swing path at impact, contributing to the initial push of the ball.
  3. Out-to-In Swing Path: The swing path moves across the ball from outside to inside the target line, causing the ball to curve to the right.
  4. Loss of Power: Due to the glancing contact caused by the open clubface, a blocked shot often results in a loss of distance compared to a solidly struck shot.

To correct a blocked shot (push slice), golfers may need to address the following factors:

  1. Clubface Control: Work on squaring the clubface at impact by focusing on grip, hand position, and maintaining proper wrist rotation through the swing.
  2. Swing Path: Adjust the swing path to approach the ball from inside to square or slightly from the inside to counteract the out-to-in path that contributes to the slice.
  3. Alignment: Ensure proper alignment with the target, as a misaligned stance can lead to compensations during the swing that result in a blocked shot.
  4. Weight Transfer: Focus on a balanced weight transfer and maintaining a steady posture throughout the swing to prevent excessive lateral movement that may contribute to a blocked shot.

Working with a golf professional or instructor can provide personalized guidance to help correct a blocked shot and improve overall ball flight and accuracy. They can assess your swing mechanics, offer drills and exercises, and provide feedback to address the specific causes of your blocked shots.

Block (aka Blocked Shot, Flare, Push Slice): A shot that flies directly right of target, similar to a push. A block occurs when the golfer does not properly release the hands through impact.