slice introduction

Let’s talk about the slice – the most common mistake in golf.

The majority of amateur golfers suffer from some form of slicing, meaning their shots curve severely to the right (for lefties, the curve is left). The cause is a clubface that is open (pointing right) in relation to the swing’s path, creating left-to-right sidespin or, more accurately, tilted backspin.

There are three types of slices:

  • Standard or pull slice – starts left of target.
  • Straight slice – starts straight at the target.
  • Push slice – starts right of target.
  • It’s important to know the difference between a slice and its kinder, gentler sibling, the fade. A fade also moves left to right, but finishes on target because it curves much less. A sliced ball rarely, if ever, ends up where the golfer wants it.

    The drills in this series attack the most common causes of the slice. Read (or watch) them carefully and you’re bound to find a cure.