Top 3 Tips on Game Improvement Hybrid Clubs

    So, you are struggling with your long irons and you can’t take it anymore, I get it, we have all been there and I have tinkered between a 2-iron and a hybrid for years. There is a lot that goes into actually making the change, and a ton to consider when actually selecting which brand to move forward with. During this section I will cover how to correctly hit a hybrid iron, and also what hybrids I recommend for you to add to the bag. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of different hybrids on the market at this point, and each has its own strong qualities, but I will break a few down and inform you of what to look for when purchasing.

    The first thing I want you to pay attention to when working on your hybrids, is swing tempo. I realize that is looks somewhat like a fairway wood, but feels more like an iron, but the tempo is absolutely key with the hybrids. Ideally, you will want to approach the hybrid with a swing speed between your long irons and your 3- wood. It may sound really easy, but you will need to focus heavily on your tempo when using the hybrid, or you can cause a world of trouble. What I want you to look at next, is your ball placement. If you have read any of my previous articles, you know ball placement is key throughout the entire bag, and the hybrids are no exception. When you are setting up with your hybrid, I want you to place the golf ball about three inches from the center of your stance. Think between where you put your 5-iron, and where you put your 3-wood. This is the prime ball placement, and ensures you will work through the ball the way you are intended to. The final thing to consider when looking at your hybrids, is hitting the ball outside of the fairway. As you know by now, the rough can be a challenge, and the hybrids are not really made to be played from the rough. With that said, you can navigate your way out safely, with the proper techniques. This is where the ball placement comes even more into play. You know how I just said move the ball up? Well, when you are in the rough you will want to move the ball back a bit, which will help prevent the club head from getting caught in the rough. By bringing the ball back in the stance a bit, it will ensure you are striking the ball with the maximum club head swing speed, and allows the ball to escape through the rough more consistently.

    In today’s world of golf, hybrids are the new “big thing.” They are here to stay, and I highly recommend investing if you have not already done so. Throughout this article, we have discussed how to properly handle a hybrid, as I mentioned earlier, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a hybrid as well, and I want to ensure you are well informed before making any purchase. First off, you need to decide when you will be using it more… off of the tee, or out of the fairway, or even both. If you are interested in buying the club and using it off the tee, then you should lean towards the 16 degree or 18 degree hybrid, which is essentially a driving iron. These are much closer to a 5 wood, and will provide you with more distance, and ultimately more control than a long iron can give you. Also, you will want to look around for the proper shaft. I personally recommend getting fit for a hybrid when you are making the big purchase. If you have a higher swing speed, you don’t want to get stuck in a shaft that is not stiff enough for you. Remember, this club is a hybrid between an iron and a fairway wood – a steel shaft is not too bad of an option. As I usually do, I want to leave you with a challenge: Before going out and buying the first hybrid you lay your eyes on, shop around and test out every option you find. I prefer a smaller head that looks more like an iron, but everyone is different, and you may prefer to use a bigger head that favors a fairway wood. There is no right answer when looking at hybrids, you just need to go out and find the one you are most comfortable with. After you have invested the time into learning and you found the club that fits your game best, then I want you to apply the drill I have provided above to continue to improve. Getting a new club is a great feeling, but getting a new club and hitting it amazing… is even better.