A Couple of Helpfull Putting Points

    The information that's been offered so far in articles – specifically the drill's – should help you work toward a resolution for your decelerating putting stroke. But, there are a couple other points which need to be made.

    First, we need to talk about the connection between the speed of your putts and the line that you use. If you are used to using a decelerating stroke, you are probably accustomed to having your putts barely reach the cup. By switching to an accelerating stroke, it’s likely that you’ll be carrying more speed most of the time. With that in mind, you probably won’t need to play as much break as you do currently. A putt which is moving faster is going to break less than a putt which is limping up toward the cup. As your putts pick up speed, be sure to play a little less margin with your reads.

    The other point has to do with decisiveness on the greens. Even if you do a good job of taking out the tendency to decelerate on the practice green, you might slip back into this bad habit if you are unsure of your reads on the course. Once you pick a line, you need to believe in that line completely. Any doubt that you have regarding the accuracy of your target line is going to be manifested in an unsure, tentative putting stroke. That means you will be likely to decelerate, and the putt will be likely to miss.

    We hope this discussion on decelerating with the putter will help you turn over a new leaf in your short game. It is frustrating to struggle on the greens, as your performance with the putter goes a long way toward determining your score for the day. Take stock of your current technique and make changes based on what you have learned. It shouldn’t take long for your new and improved putting stroke to pay off on the course. Good luck!