How do I hit a flop shot with my lob wedge

How to Hit a Flop Shot with Your Lob Wedge

Mastering the flop shot with your lob wedge is a valuable skill to have in your golfing arsenal. It allows you to hit high, soft shots over obstacles and onto the green with precision. Here are a few steps to help you perfect your flop shot:

1. Club Selection

Choosing the right club is essential for a successful flop shot. The lob wedge, with its high loft (typically 58-64 degrees), is ideal for this shot. The extra loft will help you get the ball high into the air and land it softly on the green.

2. Open the Clubface

To generate maximum loft and height, you need to open the clubface. Rotate the clubface slightly away from your target so that the face is pointing to the right (for right-handed golfers). This open clubface will help the ball reach a higher trajectory.

3. Widen Your Stance

A wider stance provides more stability and balance, which is crucial for executing a flop shot. Position your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart to create a solid base. This will allow you to maintain your balance throughout the swing.

4. Position the Ball Forward

For a successful flop shot, the ball should be positioned slightly forward in your stance. Placing it towards the front foot will help promote an upward strike on the ball, resulting in a high trajectory and soft landing on the green.

5. Light Grip Pressure

Gripping the club too tightly can hinder your ability to generate clubhead speed and control. Maintain a light grip pressure to allow for a more fluid and natural swing. This will help create the necessary finesse required for a flop shot.

6. Controlled Backswing

During the backswing, focus on a controlled and smooth motion. Keep your wrists firm and maintain a wide arc as you swing the club back. This controlled backswing will set the foundation for a controlled and precise downswing.

7. Accelerate Through Impact

As you begin your downswing, maintain a smooth acceleration through the ball. Aim to strike the ball cleanly, while keeping the clubface open during impact. The goal is to create a crisp contact that launches the ball high into the air.

8. Follow-through

Finish your shot with a high and full follow-through. Allow your wrists to release naturally, and let the club swing all the way up towards the target. This follow-through will help generate maximum height and spin on the shot.

Practice Makes Perfect

Mastering the flop shot with your lob wedge takes time and practice. Head to the practice green or a suitable area on the golf course to work on this shot. Experiment with different ball positions, swing speeds, and angles of attack to find what works best for you.

Remember, the flop shot requires finesse and precision, so be patient and give yourself plenty of opportunities to improve. With practice, you'll soon be able to hit impressive flop shots that leave your playing partners in awe.