How do I hit a greenside bunker shot with a buried lie using a wedge

Greenside Bunker Shots with a Buried Lie: Mastering the Wedge

For many golfers, hitting greenside bunker shots can be quite a challenge. But when faced with a buried lie in the bunker, the difficulty level can escalate even further. However, with the right technique and a few key adjustments, you can conquer this challenging shot using a wedge.

  • Choose the Right Wedge: The first step in tackling a buried lie in the bunker is selecting the appropriate wedge. Opt for a sand wedge or a lob wedge, which have enough loft to help you get the ball out of the sand quickly.
  • Address the Ball: Set up with an open stance, aiming slightly left of your intended target (for right-handed golfers). Position the ball slightly forward in your stance, towards the left foot.
  • Dig Your Feet In: To gain stability and prevent unnecessary slipping, dig your feet into the sand before taking your swing. This will allow you to maintain balance and prevent any unwanted movement during the shot.
  • Open the Clubface: Since the ball is buried in the sand, you'll need to open the clubface even more than usual. Aim to have the face of your wedge pointing towards the sky before you take your swing.
  • Generate Power: To dig the ball out of the sand, you'll need to generate enough power. Focus on making a full swing and hitting about two inches behind the ball. This will allow the wedge to slide through the sand and lift the ball in the process.
  • Accelerate Through the Ball: Unlike a regular bunker shot, when dealing with a buried lie, it's crucial to accelerate through the ball. This will help ensure that the clubhead follows through and gets the ball out of the bunker successfully.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: As with any golf shot, mastering the buried lie bunker shot with a wedge requires consistent practice. Head to the practice bunker and spend ample time honing your technique and getting comfortable with the adjustments needed for this particular shot.

Remember, the key to successfully hitting a greenside bunker shot with a buried lie using a wedge lies in technique and making the necessary adjustments. With practice, you can gain confidence in tackling this challenging shot and get the ball out of the sand with precision.

In conclusion, the buried lie in a greenside bunker can be a daunting challenge for golfers. However, by choosing the right wedge, setting up with an open clubface and stance, and focusing on generating power and acceleration through the shot, you can improve your chances of success. Don't forget to practice regularly to develop a consistent technique and build confidence in executing this shot.