Bat-Caddy X4R Remote Control Golf Caddy Cart

    Lightweight and Features In One:
    Bat-Caddy brings you the X4R 2015 Remote Control Golf Caddy Cart providing you with the definitive lightweight in caddy carts. Try the easy to use Multi-Function Remote Control feature with exceptional directional controls, timed advance function and very efficient brake and stop functions. You will find the manual rheostat handle control very simple to use with controls at your fingertips for the On/Off buttons, timed advance (10, 20, 30 y/m), cruise control function, USB port and 3-Stage Battery Charge Indicator all of these great features are integrated into the newly designed ergonomically T-Handle. The remote and manual speed control allows for safe control of the cart for moving forward, sideways and reverse. While setting your own pace you will find that the range is up to an amazing 100-120 yards range. The Bat-Caddy X4R 2015 Remote Control Cart is available in the resilient Oxidized Silver.

    The Bat-Caddy X4R Remote Control Golf Caddy Cart has great features to offer the passionate golfer. You will find the Score Holder a hand accessory in a convenient location. For those cloudy or sunny days you find the Umbrella Holder very handy. When the heat hits during the day, there is the Beverage Holder to keep you cool and refreshed. Included is the carrying bag to keep your cart in great condition. Included is the very comfortable seat for that quick break. With the easy One Piece Two-Click Fold Design, you will be ready in seconds for putting in your trunk or storing. You will find some additional accessories such as GPS holder, rain cover, or sand dispenser bottle you can purchase. Look for quality with Bat-Caddy Logos. Check for Special Offers and get your amazing Bat-Caddy X4R Remote Control Golf Caddy Cart today!