How Women Golfers Can Play The Best Golf Shots From Fluffy Lies 1

You will experience a fluffy lie out on the golf course whenever your ball comes to rest on top of the long grass.

To play well from this type of lie, where the ball is sitting up on top of the long grass make sure that you do not ground your club, hover it next to the ball before you swing, otherwise you risk displacing the grass which will move the ball and incur you a penalty shot.

Set the club level with the ball, not on the grass and play the ball from the middle of your feet. Hold down the handle of the club to reduce the length of the club and pull the club head upwards from the ground to where the ball is. This will prevent the club head from sliding too low under the ball, which would not advance the ball forward.

Keep your weight even and play a swing with a sweeping action into the ball, which will allow you to clip the ball off the top of the grass.

If you are looking to play a lower shot from this lie, play the ball more towards the back foot, use a club with less loft and keep your hands forward.

Use a sweeping action through the shot and keep the club head low in the follow through position.

If you want a higher trajectory shot, play the ball more in the centre of your stance with your hands more centred and over the ball. Use a more lofted club and work on the club head finishing in a much higher position.