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    TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Rescue Review
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    The TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Rescue is part of the company's newest Kalea line of golf gear specially designed for women golfers. Basically, the Kalea line is designed and engineered to offer great levels of performance to female golf players, using the latest and the greatest technologies in TaylorMade's portfolio for maximizing and improving performance for golfers with slower swing speers, i.e. women golfers. For meeting the demands of women golfers (that slow swing speed thing I already mentioned), the Kaela line makes for an interesting package, combining higher launch for more carry with improved speed from the face, via a low back CG position (center of gravity) and optimized lofting. Using these clever tricks, all the clubs in the Kalea line have enough “steam” to get the ball up in the air quickly and effortlessly. Now, talking about the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Rescue, it retails for $179,99 (MSRP) and it's specially built and designed to bring you the ultimate results in terms of purpose, power and beauty to your favorite game, provided you're a woman golfer, of course.

    The TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Rescue features a lightweight construction and it's created to meet your special needs on the golf course. Long story short, the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Rescue golf club was enginereed for offering excellent levels of playability and performance from any type of lie and it's the ideal choice for women golfers seeking for the ultimate rescue club. The TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Rescue is the definition of versatility, distance, consistency and personalization, all in just one great and beautiful package. This club can be described as the missing link between fairway woods and long irons and it's ideal for independent and active women golfers with an active outdoor style. Bottom line, with the TaylorMade KALEA LADIES Rescue we can talk about a complete revolution in terms of design and manufacture for women golfers, being a product exclusively aimed at ladies, with a lighter club-head and a softer shaft, making for a club which offers the ultimate in terms of playability and performance.