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    TaylorMade M2 Rescue-Hybrid Review
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    The TaylorMade M2 Rescue was designed and developed for providing golf players with more forgiveness and distance, round after round, in a very easy to hit long-iron replacement. The M2 Rescue features a very different design than the rest of the M2 “crowd”, being all black and it's built from high quality stainless steel. However, the M2 Rescue is very similar with the company's M2 fairway woods/drivers models in terms of technology, i.e. it comes with the same large channel in the sole, which runs directly behind/parallel with the leading edge of the club.

    Just like the rest of the bunch, the M2 Rescue is engineered with the most flexible Speed Pocket ever created by TaylorMade, a feature that works miracles in terms of protecting ball speed when it comes to low face shots/mis hits, and also it minimizes the spin created by the loft. The interesting combo of low spin and increased ball speed translates into better distance, that's a no-brainer. And due to the M2 Rescue's low profile, if you're a mid-high handicap golfer you'll discover that this baby is a true confidence booster, round after round. The newly designed fluted hosel promotes a better sound and feel than ever before, and its thinner areas also help with damping vibrations. Bottom line, the M2 Rescue is very easy to recommend and it's definitely worth trying.