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PXG 0317X Hybrids Review
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The PXG 0317X hybrid is the successor of the company’s best club from their initial line-up, and I am talking about the regular PXG 0317. While the latter remains one of the best hybrids ever made, the question is if the X follow-up would live to its success. The problem is that you can’t improve much an already perfect piece of golf gear, yet PXG tried with the 0317X. At address, the 0317X looks almost identical to the 0317, boasting its matte black crown, sans alignment aids. The 0317X hybrid is lightly pear shaped, just like the 0317, and relatively small length-wise, from front to back. The PXG 0317X’s hybrid length from heel to toe is just about average. At impact, the X produces a relatively soft and quiet sound, and it also feels remarkably soft, with adequate yet modest feedback, which is to be expected from a forgiving hybrid.

The main difference between the PXG 0317X hybrid and the older-gen is that the X version is designed to deliver lower spin compared to the original, hence the “improvement” of the X is going to depend solely on the user. Lower spin may be helpful for some golfers, but not all, obviously. It’s worth noticing that PXG 0317X produces very high ball speeds, yet shorter carry distances and shallower landing angles compared to the original hybrid. Combined to the X’s lower spin though, all these features make for an excellent piece of golf gear that can be successfully used as a replacement for a fairway wood anytime. Just like the 0317, the X keeps the adjustable weighting system, which consists of 7 weight ports and 128 possible settings. However, the weight ports are now positioned closer to the face than in the regular 0317, where they were placed around the trailing edge. The thing about the PXG 0317X hybrid is that it costs more than the vast majority of drivers, and if the $550 price tag doesn’t scare you, you can always give it a try, as it’s a great driver replacement due to its new-lower-spin.