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    Srixon Z 355 Golf Hybrid Review
    © Srixon Golf

    The Srixon Z 355 golf hybrid retails for $199,99 and it’s built and designed for greater distance and playability featuring the company’s proprietary Action Mass technology which gives it the edge compared to other clubs in its niche. To describe it in a few words, the Srixon Z 355 is the quintessential hybrid, including looks, with a good balance and excellent forgiveness. For many golf players, hybrids are irreplaceable clubs in their paraphernalia, even if they don’t make the headlines when companies announce their latest lineups. Used correctly,a high quality and reliable hybrid like the Srixon Z 355 is any golfer’s best friend, at least in my view. Even if it lacks in fanfare and glitz, the Srixon Z 355 aims to help you where others fail on the golf course and that’s not a matter to be taken lightly. In my view, this baby looks exactly like a hybrid should do, boasting a classic pear shaped head and an average face height and size.

    The old school glossy black crown contributes to the Srixon Z 355’s prototypical design and even if it’s marketed as a game improvement hybrid, the club sets up square, as opposed to its closed competitors. I must also tell you about how well balanced the Srixon Z 355 really is, being actually the most balanced club in the series, feeling more like a club head than your mediocre rescue club. Also, the Srixon Z 355 sounds quiet and crisp, just as prototypical as its design. With regard to performance, the Z 355 performs virtually the same as its fairway wood sibling, which means everything is focused on forgiveness, consistent spin and launch and the ideal ball speed shot after shot. All else aside, the Srixon Z 355 excels at producing consistent results, being hugely predictable and appealing to a wide range of players.