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    Cleveland 588 Hybrid Golf Club Review

    The Cleveland 588 is the company’s longest hybrid and also a classic looking and highly capable golf club which is aimed at fashion conscious golfers looking for improving their game in style. Even if you’re a pro or a high-handicapper who wants some help on the course, my bet is that you’ll feel right at home when using this hybrid.

    The club features a traditional design (which I personally prefer), having a classic finish with a lowered offset, moderate size and compact head size. This smooth appearance is dominated by a black colorway and should please the majority of golfers, as it’s one of the best looking golf clubs available on the market, especially in this price bracket. Cleveland has equipped the 588 hybrid with the premium Matrix OZIK Altus shaft, which is very stable and solid.

    Now let’s find out about a more important matter regarding the 588 hybrid, its performance respectively. The club incorporates the company’s patented Gliderail Technology, which enhances the turf interaction through dual rails and a subtle keel on the center of the sole. Cleveland also threw in the Variable Face Thickness technology, which minimizes the losses when missing, increases the ball speed on off-center strikes and adds a maximum forgiveness, paired with accuracy and consistency. Using this fellow on the golf course will offer you a comfortable experience regardless of your abilities as a golfer.

    The 588 Hybrid is available for $170, a fair price for a great combination between performance and good looks.