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    Cleveland Black Hybrid Review

    The CG Black hybrid from Cleveland is, by far, one of the best game improving hybrids from its league, courtesy of its lowered swing MOI (moment of inertia) and lower center of gravity, which maximizes the launch angle and carry for women or seniors.

    This brand-new and truly awesome hybrid is backed by the Speed Innovation technology, which means that it’s now faster, lighter and longer than it was in the past (the previous generation that is). The reduced weight helps with enhancing the ball speed, thus the striking distance will also be increased. Also for enabling you to make the most out of your bag, the hybrid is available in more lofts than before: five, to be more precise.

    The center of gravity has been lowered and relocated towards the club’s face for allowing the ball to be released higher, but with a lessened spin.

    In terms of design, the CG Black Hybrid is pretty stealthy through its simple and stylish look. As you probably figured from its name, the golf club is defined by matte black tones, having a serious appearance that subtly suggests that it means serious business and will deliver a great experience on the golf course. The price that you’ll have to pay for enjoying the Black Hybrid is around $170, which seems pretty fair, considering that these babies are some of the best you can find on the market today, given the price tag/performance ratio.