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    Callaway Apex Hybrid Review
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    The Callaway Apex Hybrids retails for $219,99 (MSRP) and it falls into the better players hybrids category, boasting a neutral center of gravity which provides skilled players the freedom to maneuver their shots. Truth be told, the Callaway Apex Hybrid can be best described as the ultimate (as in perfect) piece of golf gear for better players, being forgiving yet hot, with a great look and a neutral CoG. If you’re lucky enough to consider yourself worthy of this stick (just kidding), you already know that finding a good hybrid can be difficult. In the real world, hot and forgiving hybrids are usually draw biased, which means that you’ll always have to worry about making hooks. On the other hand, neutral hybrids or fade-biased varieties tend to be less forgiving that one may desire, being close to long irons in that regard. The Callaway Apex Hybrids fills that gap, by combining distance with forgiveness together with a neutral center of gravity which better players need (and demand). In terms of looks, the Apex Hybrid is designed to appeal better players and that’s obvious from a mile away, being a tad longer from heel to toe, resembling an iron actually, yet fairly short from front to back.

    The black crown features a matte finish and it’s completely free of alignment aids, whilst the tall face is ideal for mitigating difficult lies in the rough. Very important in my book, the Callaway Apex Hybrid sets up perfectly square, with zero offset. The sound and feel are very close to a fairway wood and you’ll feel like every shot will travel a mile. Performance wise, the Callaway Apex is the quintessential hybrid, being truly workable, forgiving and hot in the same time, thanks in no small measure to its Forged Face Cup that it’s designed for making center hits faster and miss hits faster too. And it really does it in real world, which is quite impressive. All these equate to more forgiveness and a greater distance and bottom line, just take a look at the PGA Tour, where the Callaway Apex Hybrid is the most played model. Enough said.