Hybrids Explained

    Adams Tight Lies Hybrid Women's Golf Club Review

    As its name suggests, the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid Women’s has been especially designed for ladies, enabling them to carry on the golf course a gender-dedicated club for improving their game.
    The Hybrid incorporates the brand’s patented Ghost Slot Technology, which offers performance through two slots placed on the sole and crown which enable the face to flex for offering enhanced speeds and forgiveness. The crown slot has been masked for delivering a cleaner look – hence the “ghost” particle. The club features an upside-down design, which keeps the CG (center of gravity) low, producing a higher launch. The tri-level sole helps with decreasing the turf interaction, thus providing a clean contact.

    In terms of aesthetics, the Tight Lies Women’s hybrid has a clean and simple design, which is aimed to please the ladies whilst not creating a distraction (read bells and whistles) during the game. This baby retails at $179 and if I’d been a lady, I’d go for it head on!