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    Adams XTD TI Hybrid Golf Club Review

    The Adams XTD Ti Hybrid is one of the company’s best products ever released, mixing their own Cut-Thru Slot Technology with titanium brazing for developing an ultra-fast club which is able to provide up to 29% more speed for off-center hits. Adams claims that they’ve actually had to slow it down, it was that good (red fast) initially!

    In terms of appearance, the Hybrid looks awesome. It has a rounded head shape, a black matte crown with a clean finish which holds one of the Cut-Thru slots, the other one being placed on the sole. Also here is a stand-alone weight and some minimal brand markings.

    The hybrid offers great feedback when hitting the “sweet spot” of the face, pleasing you with a meaty sound that marks a perfect shot. Mishits lose the impressive feeling, but offer plenty of forgiveness with a distance loss kept to a minimum. So, even when you mishit, the club will hit straight and long, boosting confidence along the way, which is exactly what you need on the golf course.

    The patented Cut-Thru Slot technology that I’ve mentioned earlier is the key factor that helps this hybrid to deliver such impressive results for players of all abilities. This main feature has been paired with a low center of gravity, which offers more control over the ball and enables you to hit it on a higher trajectory. On impact, the hybrid’s hot face acts like a spring, transferring more energy towards the ball, thus enhancing the speed, distance and also the launch.

    The XTD Ti Hybrid also incorporates the FastFit Adjustability system, which enables you to adjust the loft within +/- 1.5 degrees.

    The club is retailed for $400 and offers a good value for money despite an apparently hefty price tag, considering that for this sum you get a high-quality product which is all about performance, consistency and forgiveness.