Hybrids Explained

    Adams Golf Blue Hybrid Golf Club Review

    The Adams Golf Blue Hybrid is engineered to bring you easy launch, and by that I mean the most important thing a golf club should do: to get the ball up in the air, that’s all there is to it actually, a feature that’s integral and synonym to good golf. You may take this feature for granted, but sometimes when you struggle to “deliver” high ball trajectories, not to mention precise/spot on shots, well, the game is not fun anymore. Rest assured, with the Adams Golf Blue Hybrid’s Easy Launch System all your problems are a thing of the past. This interesting concept is composed of 3 distinctive features that will allow you to get the ball airborne fairly easy. The first component in the Easy Launch System is a Velocity Shot, a specially designed slot in the sole of the golf club that confers it more ball speed and face flex during your swings.

    The Velocity Shot is not new in the company’s range of golf clubs, it has seen action in the past and it’s a matured/tested technology which really makes a difference in your game play, helping a lot when it comes to consistency and ball speed on the entire surface of the clubface. Also, it adds to forgiveness, which is never enough, isn’t it, especially when it comes to those off center hits… Now, for acquiring a lower spin, a higher launch trajectory and increased distance, the second part of the Easy Launch System comes into play. Enter CG (center of gravity) which in this case is positioned lower and deeper, actually in the back of the club head, an essential feature for producing a higher launch trajectory for the ball and some spin, helping you get the ball as high in the air as possible and that means more distance. The final element in the trinity is the Slim Tech shaft which essentially is a regular shaft with a narrower diameter at the tip, a feature that gives it a low kick point and helps with the carry distance and higher launch trajectories for the ball. Bottom line, if you want a decently priced/game improving golf club that will definitely boost your confidence level, the Adams Golf Blue Hybrid fits the profile.