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    Adams Tight Lies Hybrid Golf Club  Review

    Adams Golf is a heavy name in the golf field and today, I’m going to be writing a few words about one of their best products, the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid. This high quality club has been designed for being compatible with players of all abilities, being easy to hit from everywhere while offering distance, consistency and forgiveness at the same time.

    The Hybrid incorporates the brand’s Ghost Slot Technology, an improved version of the initial Slot Technology, which is basically the addition of two slots on the crown and the sole for allowing the face to flex, thus delivering higher speeds and increased forgiveness. The enhancement/upgrade of the respective technology consists in the masking of the crown slot for offering a cleaner look at address – now you know what “Ghost” stands for.

    The Tight Lies hybrid has a simplistic and compact design and passes for just another hybrid due to the cleverly masking of its “smart” slots. The club’s bottom side is wider than its top for lowering the center of gravity, thus enabling you to hit the ball higher. As I was previously saying, the club offers loads of consistency, both in terms of ball speed and in distance too.

    The Tight Lies Hybrid features lofts that range between 17 and 28 degrees. The club is available for $180 and offers a good value for your money, considering what it has to offer in exchange for a wide range of players, regardless of their abilities on the golf course.