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Winn Golf Grips Offer a Unique Feel

Another one of the popular golf grip brands on the market today is Winn. The line of Winn golf grips is positioned to be comfortable while still offering the golfer full control over the club throughout the swing. When comparing a Winn grip with models from other companies, you are likely to notice that the Winn grips are softer and more cushioned. Whether you like that feel is going to come down to personal preference and how you like to swing the club.

Golf can be hard on your hands, so Winn grips offer a refreshing break from the harsh feeling that can be given by some of the other grips on the market. Most of the grips in the Winn line offer additional cushioning as compared to a ‘typical’ golf grip. That cushioning means that the impact with the ball will generally feel less harsh – especially on miss-hit shots. For players who don’t have a lot of experience on the course, this kind of forgiveness can be a great feature to have. Anyone who has hit a long iron shot thin on a cold morning can attest to just how painful it can be to miss-hit a shot with a regular golf grip. Using a cushioned Winn grip can take a lot of the sting out of your miss-hits.

While the grips are softer than some others on the market, that doesn’t mean they are slippery. In fact, Winn offers some of the tackiest grips that you will find available today. If you are a player that has had trouble in the past with your hands slipping on the grips of your clubs, it might be worth a try to test out a Winn grip for yourself. Getting a good grip is crucial to making a confident swing, and you don’t want to have any doubts about your grip as you are swinging the club down toward impact. As long as you like the feel that the Winn grips have to offer, you are likely to appreciate the way they cling to your hands throughout the swing.

As a round of golf wears on, your hands may begin to get tired from hitting shot after shot all day long. This is especially a problem for golfers who don’t get a chance to practice or play very often. If you haven’t had a chance to build up the ‘golf muscles’ in your hands and forearms, you may start to fatigue in that area toward the end of the round. Adding Winn grips to your clubs could be a way to counteract this fatigue. With the added shock absorption that the grips offer, you may find that your hands feel fresher even as the round winds down.

The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for Winn grips is to visit your local golf store and ask if you can try one for yourself. Hopefully, they will have a club or two with a Winn grip installed so you can hit a few shots and decide if it is the right feel for your game. Many golfers love the feel that a Winn grip provides, but you won’t know if it is right for you until you actually put one in your hands.