Precision Pro GPS Golf Band

    The Precision Pro GPS Golf Band is one of the world's tiniest, lightest, thinnest and most comfy GPS wearables around. With a price tag of $179,95 (MSRP), this little gadget will be your best friend on the golf course. The most amazing thing about the Precision Pro GPS Golf Band is that it comes fully loaded with 34,000 golf courses from all around the world and there's absolutely no subscription fee in the future, basically you can use it for a life time with zero additional costs. Also, there's no need for downloading new maps or pesky updates, this baby is ready to go right off the box.

    Talking about the thinnest and lightest GPS wearable, the Precision Pro GPS Golf Band only weighs 1 oz, I mean it's feather-light, so light and ergonomic you will forget you have it on your wrist. But despite its small frame, the Precision Pro GPS Golf Band is a very accurate tool, being able to give you the exact distance to middle, front and back of the greens, also the distance to four hazards per every hole. Amazing, isn't it folks? But wait, there's more. The Precision Pro GPS Golf Band comes with a smart feature, namely the auto course recognition, via its GPS locater, and also with auto hole advancement, being the future of distance, in the golf parlance of our times. And, another cool thing: the Precision Pro GPS Golf Band is absolutely tour legal, comes with a full year warranty and it will help you with two other issues: it has a shot distance measurement and an odometer for fitness, keeping track of your progress/calories burned and similar things. The battery has enough juice to last you for 8 hours in the GPS mode and up to a year in the watch mode. Last but not least, the Precision Pro GPS Golf Band is waterproof up to thirty feet, so regardless of the weather conditions, you'll be able to measure the distance from one point to another or to toggle distances, i.e. how far the ball traveled.