Izzo Swami GT GPS and Game Tracker Review

    The Izzo Swami GT GPS and Game Tracker retails for $199 (MSRP) and it is sold as being the first and only GPS tracker built with game tracking technology. This high tech piece of golf gear is engineered for delivering you with the yardage required to hit the next shot, and also for providing you with the necessary knowledge for improving your game further and further. But what's it all about, you may ask? Well, first things first, the Izzo Swami GT GPS and Game Tracker can be described as a traditional golf GPS, which works by telling you instantly the accurate distance for all of your shots. But, there's a nice addition to that: the near field communications, or NFC, which makes it do much more than telling the distances.

    The Izzo Swami GT GPS and Game Tracker comes with tracker tags, which are inserted into the end of your clubs and they work in tandem with the GPS transmitter for tracking the metrics for each and every shot, round after round. The data is then fed to your Swami GT, without requiring manual inputs of any sort, everything is automated. All these things considered, the critical data acquired during your game is displayed and analyzed, helping you to improve your game in real time/continuously, shot after shot, round after round. All you'll have to do is to log-in to your Swami GT account and see the “live feed data”, and instantly recognize how you did. All the metrics and the stats are available there, while most of them can be displayed on the device itself, recorded and calculated in real time. The Izzo Swami GT GPS and Game Tracker will recommend you which club to use based upon distance averaging/per club, provide you with accurate data/distances for over thirty thousand golf courses, track your GIR, keep your score, track your average distance and record precisely how far you've hit with each club.