Izzo Swami 4000+ Plus GPS Review

    The Izzo Swami 4000+ Plus GPS retails for $139,99 (MSRP) and it's an incremental evolution compared to the previous generation, which was a best seller for the company. To put it simply, the best seller got even better with the introduction of the brand-new Izzo Swami 4000+ Plus GPS. Equipped with the same industry leading speed and accuracy of its older brother, the new Swami 4000+ now offers greater distance, thanks to the better hardware incorporated into its built and also additional features for making your life easier on the golf course. Now, you'll get carry distances to doglegs and hazards, together with layup at just a push of a button, allowing you to concentrate on your game and obtain the best results even on very difficult courses.

    Using the new and improved Izzo Swami 4000+ Plus GPS , you will enjoy its plethora of features, such as laser-accurate distances to center, front and back of the green, remarkably accurate distances to front/back of doglegs and hazards, an excellent 1.8 inches wide screen, with great sunlight legibility, vibrant colors and easy to read, a course map editing feature, an auto hole advance option and shot distance measurement, while the display offers stats/metrics both in yards and meters. The new Izzo Swami 4000+ Plus GPS comes fully loaded and ready to go right out of the box, as it's packed with more than thirty thousand international golf courses, meaning that you'll never have to pay pesky annual fees or subscriptions, not even computer downloads are required. This is a one-time purchase, that will take care of the business sort of speak for years ahead. Also, the Izzo Swami 4000+ Plus GPS is very rugged and waterproof, offers an interface in four languages and it comes with one year warranty. The battery will last you for at least two rounds in GPS mode, making it the perfect tool for improving your game without breaking the bank!