Bushnell Tour X Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

    The new Bushnell Tour X golf laser rangefinder marks a turning point in this high-tech niche. I mean, not necessarily this product, I am referring to lasers being used in helping golf players achieving their best game possible. With the laser gizmos, weekend warriors are now able to get actionable info, like factoring slopes into rangefinder readings, which is pretty cool from a “noob”’s point of view but completely illegal for professional golfers. Well, Bushnell’s new Tour X Laser incorporates all Bushnell’s state of the art technologies in a device which can switch between slope reading and standard reading modes in two shakes of a lamb’s tale.

    This means that you can use the Tour X in any situation, i.e. regardless that you’re a pro or a casual golfer ( this is called Exchange technology, i.e. Tour X comes with two interchangeable face plates that can be swapped , modifying the measurement/mode capabilities of the rangefinder). Other interesting features of the Tour X include the next gen of ESP and zoom technology while the PinSeeker display will allow you to observe instantly if you’ve hit the flag or not. This baby is rated to be pretty accurate at distances of 450 yards, while its increment measurements are half a yard inside of 125 yards (it can display in the metric system also). This means that the Tour X is highly accurate, in layman’s terms. The Tour X also features Jolt technology, i.e. you’ll feel a vibration which announces that you’ve managed to hit the flagstick during your game. Another cool addition is that you have the possibility to toggle displays, I mean the colors, i.e. you can choose between a black or a red color for the background (Dual Display technology). All these awesome features come at a hefty price tag of almost $500, but you can always regard the Bushnell Tour X as an investment in making the best out of your favorite game. Basically, this gizmo is an excellent choice for tournament players or for perfectionist casual golfers.