Bushnell Pro-X7 Laser-Rangefinder Review

    The Bushnell Pro-X7 Laser-Rangefinder is a high-end piece of golf gear and it's sold as being the most powerful laser range-finder in the industry. Truth be told, this baby comes fully loaded with state of the art technologies for providing you with the ultimate golfing experience and it features amazing ranging capabilities. To help you zero in on the flag, the Bushnell Pro-X7 Laser-Rangefinder features the patented PinSeeker with JOLT technology, together with the ultra accurate ESP second generation, for providing you with exceptionally accurate yardages in no time, faster than ever before. The key technologies incorporated into the Bushnell Pro-X7 Laser-Rangefinder are the ESP 2, which translates into unparalleled speed and extreme precision, the aforementioned PinSeeker with JOLT technology, to help you zero in on the flag, a vivid display technology with perfect sunlight legibility and suitable for all lighting conditions, and an amazing five yards-one mile ranging performance including 550 plus yards to a flag and industry leading accuracy, being accurate to ½ yard.

    The optics in the Bushnell Pro-X7 Laser-Rangefinder are also high end, the device being capable of 7x magnification with high definition optics. Together with all these great features, the Bushnell Pro-X7 Laser-Rangefinder is waterproof and comes with an ergonomically designed Posi-Thread battery door, for a quick battery exchange in case you're running out of juice during your game. The PinSeeker with JOLT technology will change your life on the golf course, due to the vibrating pulse that gives you a tactile confirmation when the laser sensor has locked and loaded onto the flag, removing all doubt and boosting confidence by making you actually feel the exact distance. The ESP second generation is more accurate and fast than ever before, increasing the target acquisition speed dramatically and being perfectly accurate from 5 yards to 125 yards. The distance is displayed on the VDT-vivid display technology to 1 tenth of a yard. The display itself is a work of art, providing you with positive target ID very rapidly in all lighting conditions.