Bushnell NEO XS Black Golf GPS Watch Review

    If you’re looking for a sleek, highly comfortable and fully featured GPS watch, the Bushnell NEO XS Black is the answer. Having an outstanding autonomy (battery life that is) and packed with everything you’ll ever need (more hazards), the NEO-XS has an intuitive menu and it’s fairly easy to use. It also comes pre-loaded with over 33,000 golf courses which are available in 30+ countries and check this out: you don’t even require a membership (like fees and all that) or downloads in order to benefit from all its cool features. Everything is preloaded and available, all you have to do is to buy it (it retails for about $150) and that’s all the “hassle” you’ll encounter. Besides its long list of features, the Bushnell NEO XS has a pretty cool design, so you can wear it any time anywhere without drawing too much attention to yourself.

    If I would have to describe this baby in just a few words, I’d say that the Neo XS is the next gen of distance, easy to use and intuitive at a reasonable price. Besides its huge amount of golf courses preloaded, the Neo-XS boasts a long battery life and it will be there for you for a full three rounds before it will require charging. Being a high-tech device, you’ll also benefit from auto-course recognition and auto hole advance and its display is optimized with easy to read center-front-back distances. Other features include up to 4 per hole layup/hazard distances, a circular odometer and a shot distance calculator. Wearing the Bushnell NEO XS Black is always a pleasure, thanks to its super-comfy sports band. Bottom line, if you want the correct course info without having to pay for expensive memberships, downloads or hidden fees, this is what you’ll ever need: a GPS watch fully featured, offering great value for money, easy to use and coming with one year warranty, everything working great right out of the box.