Bushnell Medalist Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

    The Bushnell Medalist Laser rangefinder is the company’s answer to those of you who desire to purchase something capable and affordable that also sports their popular PinSeeker technology, which usually comes on board their more expensive products.

    If you’re not familiar with PinSeeker, I’ll briefly explain its main purpose: basically, it serves for distinguishing targets from background objects. For instance, when your target has a bigger object behind it, the distance to the latter is easier to obtain by the rangefinder. The PinSeeker technology changes this and enables the Medalist to measure the distance to both the target and the larger object (thus distinguishing it from its background).

    The Bushnell Medalist is compact and easy to carry around, being provided with a carrying case that can be attached easily to your golf bag (or anything else by the way, like your golf bag).
    In terms of capabilities, the Medalist has a precision of +/-1 yard, a range starting from 5 to 1,000 yards and has a 20-mm objective lens that offers a 4x magnification. The device is able to range up to 1,000 yards for reflective surfaces, 700 yards to trees and 350 yards to flagsticks (under most circumstances). It’s powered by a 9-Volt battery, which is also included in the retail package. The unit has a small and simple LCD display and it’s also water proof, so you’ll be having no issues with using this baby when it starts to rain, for example. Its rubberized coating provides an excellent grip, avoiding accidental slips or drops.

    When it comes to price tag, the Bushnell Medalist is available for around $250, which is a reasonable price, considering the fact that it offers some neat features for which you usually pay a higher price.