TaylorMade Stratus Sport Glove Review
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    The TaylorMade Stratus Sport glove is a premium piece of golf gear coming from one of the best companies in the golf industry. Featuring a high-quality full leather built, the TaylorMade Stratus Sport Glove is made from the world-renowned Cabretta leather and it comes with cleverly designed micro-perforations for providing you with outstanding grip, exceptional comfort and amazing feel, round after round, regardless of the weather conditions out there. Also, for increasing breathability and keeping moisture and bad odors away, the TaylorMade Stratus Sport glove features lycra inserts, allowing you to enjoy your favorite game without having to worry about performance of comfort.

    Basically, wearing this exceptional glove will definitely boost your confidence, allowing you to focus on the game. Long story short, with the TaylorMade Stratus Sport Glove you'll be able to make the most of your game of golf, and that's awesome in my book. Together with the exceptional levels of performance and feel, the TaylorMade Stratus Sport Glove is also built to last, and it comes with an ergonomic pull tab which allows you to achieve a perfect fit. Unlike other golf gloves using heavier Cabretta leather, the Stratus Sport feels way more comfortable and prevents your hands from getting sweaty during intense golf games in sunny weather. The TaylorMade Stratus Sport Glove is both comfortable and breathable, and it doesn't restrict your movement. Even if it's a bit on the pricey side, the TaylorMade Stratus Sport Glove provides you with excellent quality and durability, hence it offers good value for money, even if there are other cheaper options out there.