page 2 credit card 1

The first drill in this series showed you how to place a common credit card inside your glove to ensure proper positioning of your left (lead) hand and wrist at setup. Let’s move on to the backswing with this test, which can be done at home.

With the credit card in place, take your grip and address using any club. Pull the club back slowly and note the positioning of the card and the pressure on your hand and wrist. The card should remain flat across the entire area and exert relatively even pressure from address to the top of the backswing. Here are some if/then positions to note:

  • page 2 credit card 2If the card stays flat on the hand but separates from the wrist (with the top of the card not touching), then your left wrist is bowed and the clubface closed. You may feel the glove end of the card press into your hand.
  • If the card touches on either side of the wrist crease but separates in the middle, then your wrist is cupped and the clubface open. The ends of the card may press into your skin.
  • Continue making backswings, adjusting the angle of your wrist until the card stays in contact all the way to the top.