Golf Glove Review TaylorMade Targa
    © Taylormade Golf

    Glove tested: TaylorMade Targa (men’s) Retail price: $17 Material(s): Cabretta leather Colors: White with black Hand: Left, right Sizes: S, M, ML, L, XL

    Available in cadet* fit: No Weather: All

    About this glove: Think of TaylorMade’s Targa as the tour glove for the rest of us. As in, those of us who prize the comfort and feel of cabretta leather, but aren’t willing to spend more than $20 for it.

    The lower-priced alternative to TM’s Tour Preferred model, the Targa glove features high-quality (AAA) cabretta that’s perforated throughout the palm to boost breathability. TaylorMade installed small lycra strips on the knuckles for flexibility and fit, adding an ergonomic pull tab and an anti-roll thumb seam for, well, we’re not sure what.

    We do know what we value in a golf glove, however. Let’s see if TaylorMade’s Targa hit our sweet spots.

    Appearance: Pretty standard stuff for a conventional glove. Targa doesn’t stand out in a good or bad way, though a little thinner trim would make it a bit more elegant. But that’s nitpicking. The glove looks fine.

    Comfort: If it’s a step down from the Tour Preferred, it’s a pretty small step. As with Callaway’s Apex Tour and the Asher Death Grip, the palm perforations give the Targa glove a nice airy feel. Golfers with sweaty paws will appreciate the extra ventilation, which comes in quite handy on humid days as well. Fit is fine, from fingers to palm to wrist.

    Feel: With nothing but quality cabretta between hand and grip, TaylorMade’s Targa is a winner in the feel category. The anti-roll thumb seam is unobtrusive, though we’re still not exactly certain of its purpose. We doubt if golfers accustomed to wearing a top-of-the-line glove would detect much difference in feel between Targa and a pricier model. Feedback comes through the clubhead, shaft and handle with ample clarity.

    Tackiness: No worries here. A touch of dampness on the Targa’s interior quickly dissipates and never interferes with surface stickiness. As long as you remember to wipe off dirt and grime with a moist cloth after each round or practice, you’ll get tired of looking at this glove before it loses tack.

    Durability: Golfers who prize durability are smart to check out gloves in the $12 – $18 price range – it seems to be the happy middle ground. TaylorMade’s Targa displays excellent abrasion resistance and structural integrity in the seams. In other words, the surface doesn’t get slick and the stitching doesn’t bust after a few outings.

    Bottom line: The price is right. TaylorMade’s Targa glove is the next best thing to a tour model for comfort and feel, and even better for durability. It’s a can’t-miss at full retail and a total steal if you can grab one on sale.

    *Cadet gloves have shorter fingers than regular gloves of the same size; e.g., a cadet medium glove has the same palm fit with shorter fingers than a standard medium.