Wilson Staff D200 Driver

    What sets the D200 apart is the weight. At 268 grams overall weight, it is significantly lighter than most other drivers. The D200 replaces the popular D100 and has some changes to mention. This driver has hosel adjustability. The club face is somewhat wider and is a matte finish instead of a shiny gloss. The face is now silver as opposed to the black face of the D100.

    The hosel adjustment is something new to Wilson’s Staff D drivers. The adjustment is up or down 1 degree in a standard or draw setting.

  • Slightly larger face combined with “Reactive Face Technology” provides more forgiveness on off center hits.
  • 6-way adjustable hosel features three loft and three draw settings allowing players to change both launch angle and face bias.
  • A lighter crown allows weight to be transferred through VFT (Variable Face Thickness) to provide the exact face thickness where it is best suited.
  • The “Right Light Technology”, allows golfers to swing even faster with the same effort.
  • Specifications

  • RH and LH
  • 460cc club head
  • Lightweight at 268 grams
  • Shaft is UST Elements Chrome in light, regular or stiff
  • Shaft length is 46 inches
  • Lofts available are 9, 10.5 and 13 degrees
  • Summary

    There is a lot packed into this driver. It has everything you need to be classified as a game improvement driver. All at a price that is not only significantly less than other Wilson drivers, but also most others in its’ class. Having said this, it is best suited for mid-high handicap players.