The WILSON STAFF D200 falls into the category of max game improvement drivers and it retails for $299. Long story short, if you require an old school, classic looking, almost retro piece of golf gear, which doesn't compromise at all in terms of performance (which is as modern as it gets), well, the D200 may be the answer to your prayers. With the D200, Wilson Staff added adjustability to their “lightest in class” driver, and they also put into the mix incredibly low spin and loads of forgiveness. Are you sold yet? If not, keep reading, it gets better and better.

    Basically, the WILSON STAFF D200 is a true flagship product, being an obvious improvement compared to the previous D100 line, via added adjustability. Compared to modern drivers, the D200 looks relatively bland at address, with its matte black crown, the Right Light logo close to the heel and the small alignment aid. For boosting confidence levels of higher handicap players, Wilson Staff designed a large/rounded footprint, and that's pretty cool in my book. In terms of sound and feel, you're in for a pleasant surprise, as the WILSON STAFF D200 produces a fairly loud sound at impact, but with a moderate tone, i.e. it doesn't sound metallic and you'll also feel the almost imperceptible twisting of the head, even on obvious miss-hits. Pure shots sound awesome though, while the miss-hits are somewhat duller. Now, despite its overall lightweight, the WILSON STAFF D200 keeps a very decent D2 swing weight, and that means you'll definitely feel the head during your swings, due to the excellent grip and light shaft. Also, this is the first D series driver from the company which comes with adjustability options, which are implemented very nicely and they're fairly intuitive and easy to use. The driver's best attributes are accuracy and forgiveness, the D200 being a consistent beast, almost “automatic”, helping you a lot in unfavorable playing scenarios/conditions. Bottom line, the WILSON STAFF D200 is an excellent game improver, and I recommend it especially to slow swingers looking for increasing carry distance.