Tour Edge Exotics EX9 and EX9 Tour Driver

    The new Exotics EX9 boasts Tour Edges’ “Full-Speed Impact” design, which, by reducing drag, produces higher club head speed through a more sloped crown and a redistribution of weight to lower the CG (Center of Gravity).

    The titanium face of the EX9 utilizes VFT (Variable Face Technology) in a way that the face thickness towards the heel and toe optimizes ball speed when mishit in these areas.

    The driver produces an excellent sound when struck solidly, better than average control, and more distance than the EX8.

    The 460cc club head has a sole weight that is located towards the heel of the club. Draw enhancement is one result of this weight, and the other is helping to square up the club face at impact. As is the case with all of the other drivers new to the market this year, Tour Edge has tried to move the CG lower and further back in the club head in an effort to raise the launch angle and reduce spin on the golf ball.

    The EX9 has a newly-designed adjustable hosel which allows players to alter launch conditions by adding or subtracting up to one degree of loft to the club head.

    The interchangeable sole weight independently located in each head helps players optimize the club’s performance. The EX9 driver encompasses a heel weight for draw enhancement, helping golfers find the fairway. The standard 6-gram heel weight screw is housed in an 8-gram weight pad for 14 grams of sole weighting. Additional weight screws can be purchased individually or in a 3-piece kit at the Tour Edge online store.

    The EX9 Tour model is slightly different. The club head is smaller at 430cc and is pear shaped with a deeper face. In addition, the sole weight is positioned at the rear of the club head instead of the heel position in the EX9. It is specifically positioned to lower the spin on the ball and also enhances the ball speed.


    RH or LH (men’s’ and women’s’)

    460cc club head (EX9 model)-430cc club head (EX9 Tour model)

    10 and 12 degree loft available (EX9 model) 9 and 10 degree loft available (EX9 Tour model)

    Adjustable: loft, face bias and sole weight

    Shafts: Mitusubishi Bassara E-Series; Fujikura Exotics PRO and PRO Tour; Matrix Exotics White, Red, Black Tie

    Flex: L, A, R, S and XS in various models

    Additional sole weights are available by purchasing them direct from the Tour Edge web-site.