Tour Edge Exotics EX 9 Driver Review

    According to the company's president David Glod, the Tour Edge Exotics EX 9 are the lowest spinning drivers ever made. But wait, there's more! From my personal experience with the EX9, they're also a bit faster than the previous generation, and that's great! I mean, low spin and high speed, what's not to love?

    The question is, how did they do it? The answer is pretty straight forward: the latest Tour Edge Exotics EX 9 are built with a higher MOI (moment of inertia) for improving ball speed upon impact, together with the proprietary Full-Speed impact design, which dramatically decreases the aerodynamic coefficient of the club head, hence more speed via better aerodynamics. Outstanding, isn't it? But wait, there's more! The Tour Edge Exotics EX 9 drivers benefit from a state of the art material, 6A4V titanium that is, which is used for the driver's face in a Hexagonal Variable, according to the company. In layman's terms, that means the driver's face has an ingenious design featuring different levels of thickness. This peculiar design is aimed at helping boosting ball speed when hit in certain areas, with a special emphasis from the heel and toe. And that's not all folks. The Tour Edge Exotics EX 9 also feature the very familiar Speed channel, that works in tandem with a narrower Power Grid (compared to the previous gen), which allows for more face flex, further boosting ball speed upon impact.

    It sounds complicated, I know, but the end result is amazing, to say the least, I mean you can really feel the faster ball-speeds in terms of distance.

    Finally, the Tour Edge Exotics EX 9 comes with a fully adjustable hosel, so you can fine-tune your driver according to your preference, in eight different settings for achieving the optimal launch trajectory/conditions for a perfect swing. For further optimizing performance, you benefit from an adjustable weighting on the sole of the driver. If you're already a big fan of the previous generation, you can bet your last penny on the Tour Edge Exotics EX 9!