Titleist Vokey-The King of Wedges
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    The wedge is no longer a single club with a letter “S” engraved on the sole. It's an entire system for players who pay close attention to detail. I was playing with a golfer who was one of the best “seniors” around. He played to a 3 handicap. We were on the fairway near his ball, and he asked me what the yardage was to the flag. As a member of the club, I had a good idea of how far he was to the pin. I told him it was 115 yards. He walked to the nearest sprinkler head, paced back to the ball, walked over to me and then shook his finger at me in derision. He said in a stern voice, “It’s not 115…it’s 111”. Real good players are that tuned in to their yardages and are obviously a perfect candidate for wedges like Vokey that offer that type of precision.

    Titleist Vokey Design SM6 (Spin Milled) has improved in all three areas which are key to accurate wedge play; precise distance gapping, shot versatility and maximum spin. CG is a term most used in drivers and metal woods, but Titleist has maneuvered the Center of Gravity to maximize both launch conditions and back spin. The TX4 grooves have a new parallel face texture that (for lack of a better term) squares up the edge of the grooves and enhances more consistent spin characteristics.

    Lofts offered from 46 degrees to 62 degrees. Available Finishes: Tour Chrome (RH/LH), Steel Grey (RH/LH*), and Jet Black (RH/LH)

    *LH Steel Grey available as Special Order only

    The thing that makes Vokey stand out from other wedges is the amazing number of grinds and bounces that are available. Vokey offers a low, mid and high bounce. The grinds have been simplified somewhat. They only offer three this year, the F, M and S. My recommendation would be to discuss the bounce/grinds offered and find one that fits not only your swing, but the turf conditions you typically play on. The Vokey SM6 is going to be in a lot of players bags this year, whether they be staff pros or Sunday amateurs. Don’t wait to get your set.